Everything, Everything - September 2004

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Tuesday 28th September, 2004 08:26
I didn't get it. Ah well. At least I still have one, even if it is dull.
Wednesday 22nd September, 2004 23:18
The bathroom light hasn't been fixed yet, I thought it had, but I must have just been lucky before.

Also, I was listening to Radio 2 today, it's surprisingly good. Jonathan Ross was entertaining in the morning, and I think it was Steve Wright in the afternoon. I can see why more people listen to it than Radio 1.
Wednesday 22nd September, 2004 16:23
It's nice to see a good Dilbert cartoon strip for once, they've been somewhat hit and miss recently.

The slow leak from my radiator and the central heating's all been sorted now, and it appears the light in the bathroom has been fixed. I must say, our landlady's great! Trish has suggested we don't have the central heating on unless it's really cold, but the forecast says it'll be 6 degrees overnight on Thursday and Friday, so I think I'll stick it on then. Anything below 10 overnight and it's coming on, or I'll never climb out of my nice warm bed in the morning! No one told me quite how dark and cold it is, and traffic still wasn't any better when I got in to work for 8 today.

The incredibly lovely Helen has invited me (and presumably some colleagues) to the pub on Friday to celebrate her (temporary) leaving and birthday (which is actually later next month). Gareth reckons I should ask her out properly before she leaves, rather than wait until she gets back. It's one of those odd stages where we're getting on so well, but really we're not at the friends stage yet (which in some ways is good), and this 3 months break while she's away is coming at just the wrong time. I really should say something, it's just finding the right moment. And I doubt the pub on Friday is going to be it. Ah well.
The New Refresh
Tuesday 14th September, 2004 08:09
Yes, Jonathan has finally made the leap to the new forums engine, and he's revamped the site a bit.It looks fairly good so far, although i don't ike the grass as the deafult background. We have lots of tweaks to do, but he'll have to do them for now as he seems to have taken me off as an Administrator, presumably worried that I'll fiddle with things.

The new ste seems to use up more bandwidth, which is a problem for dialup users, but hopefully we can optimizse things.

Car goes in for an MOT today (actually, at half eight, so had better hurry up), my boss is picking me up from the garage, which is really great of her.
Quiet Night
Sunday 12th September, 2004 11:52
I was getting used to the idea of a quiet night in yesterday, but we ended up going for drinks and then that became drinks and dancing until two in the morning. Feeling surprisingly good, just a little bit thirsty.
Good Girls Don't
Saturday 11th September, 2004 17:45
Apparently it's starting on BBC Three as of tonight. I've had trouble keeping track of the episodes, as some of the numbers have been messed around (presumably one person uses the airdate order, the other by episode number), but maybe I'll get to follow it properly this time (there's supposed to be eight episodes). Apparently no more episodes have been ordered, which is a shame.
Fed Up
Friday 10th September, 2004 18:20
Been a bit of a bad day, it didn't help that the new rota I've been writing supposedly isn't good enough. Apparently I need to use a relational database, which was the whole point of the re-write. Which is a complete surprise to me, because it uses a relational database!

Perhaps they don't know what a relational database is, but I don't duplicate information, and I have relationships between the (very few) tables I require. Apparently they don't like the way I wrote the code without speaking to the main person first, which is odd considering I still have the email he sent my boss saying to send him the code when it's complete. And I still don't know how they could make such judgements on my new design seeing as they've never even seen the source code, all they've done is browse the application!

As for why I've gotten this far without their guidance, it's because they never get back to me. The email I saw today was sent to my boss' boss, along with several other things, I have yet to hear back from them directly regarding what they want me to send them so they can/could let me know how I was doing - after nearly three bloody weeks!

So we're going to put it up on our own server anyway on Monday, as it's better than the existing rota.
Thursday 9th September, 2004 21:32
After scaring myself into not being able to get into their self care portal, I realised I'd just made a typo with my username. I'm so tempted to click the link to upgrade to 1.5mb (the underlying links are still named 1 and 2mb), but I'll wait a couple more days or weeks if I can.

I've noticed you no longer have to managed the NIC MAC address, their message says:

Good news! We've upgraded your service and as a result you no longer need to register your PC NIC Mac address. Just plug your equipment into your modem and reboot everything!

Which makes life even easier. Although it was kinda fun to have my router fake the MAC address of my main PC. Simple pleasures.
Thursday 9th September, 2004 15:52
It's partly my own fault for leaving it so late, but the easiest way to get my MOT and service done is on Tuesday when I have the offsite meeting. I'm hoping my granddad can give me a lift once I drop off the car, and I can get my boss to drop me off on her way home. Still, one less thing to worry about. Now I just have to ask very nicely for a couple favours. I think I might be able to get a courtesy car, but I'd rather ask for lifts.

Which just leaves... getting washed, dressed and going to the bank. I think I'll deal with the other things over the next couple days. Or perhaps tonight if I get bored. I can't believe it's nearly 4, where has the day gone?
Things To Do Today
Thursday 9th September, 2004 15:21
Put Trish's cheque into the bank so I have more money in my account.
Sort out my car with the DVLA - need to find the coloured paper thingy first.
Tidy my room.
Water plants.
Arrange an MOT (soon).

And probably a good idea to iron some shirts and shave, so I don't look a mess at work tomorrow. I also need to look into ordering the parts for Pete's new PC in the next few days, and look into the ink catridges for their printer.
Car Insurance
Thursday 9th September, 2004 15:10
I just renewed my car insurance. It was quick and painless. When I tried to call to change my address I gave up after 5 minutes sat in a queue, but this number for renewing a policy was answered immediately! So I changed the address, now that I've moved out from Richard and Jackie, and paid for another year (5 years no claims, woohoo).

I also need to check what came with my car, as it had a breakdown policy, but I think it was just for the first year. Either way, I've gone for the breakdown recovery along with my insurance as it sounded like a decent price (even with it on, it still works out cheaper than if I was renewing it for the old flat).

Might have to drop by and see Jackie this afternoon, as no one was answering the phone for me to book a service and MOT. I also haven't received another letter from Severn Trent, so hopefully I don't owe them any money (the last bill is a little confusing, telling me I owe £7 and any existing payment arrangement has been cancelled - so did they take the money out before cancelling it or what?).
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