Everything, Everything - October 2005

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Happy Halloween
Monday 31st October, 2005 20:52
Boo! Did I scare you? Ah well.
Monday 31st October, 2005 00:55
I was watching the first episode of the Dilbert TV Show, and found this very funny: As you probably know, all the good product names have been trademarked by companies who are competent. There's still plenty of names left in the area of Greek mythology, bodily secretions, diseases and everything involving intestines.

Let's stay focused. Diseases, secretions, Greeks.
How about Sisyphus? The guy who pushed a rock up a hill for eternity? That fits this project.

I'm thirsty. Really fancy some apple juice. Shame I don't have any.
Sunday 30th October, 2005 22:42
Not sure if it's tragic or a relief that these kids are gone from the gene pool. Yes, it might sound harsh, but we're talking about kids that were drinking underage in public, that stole a car, drove it without any insurance (we aren't told if the driver had a full licence, but probably not), endangered the lives of others (they struck a cyclist) and then killed themselves in a crash with a wall (those big stationary things that are usually pretty easy to avoid if you're driving sensibly). Yes, it's sad that they all died, and I'm sure their families and the local community will be greatly affected. But when kids do incredibly stupid things (in this case, so many stupid things in one go) they will inevitably get hurt, and sometimes it can be hard to remain entirely sympathetic.
Pleasantly Surprised
Saturday 29th October, 2005 01:05
I was hoping to get a new phone on Thursday, spent all morning waiting for it to arrive, it never showed. I didn't have the energy to look into it, I figured I'd just have to wait until I got carded, then sort it out again - or more likely go and collect it. But I got it today! It's the black version of the Sony Ericsson K750i, a pretty nice upgrade from my old T610, and because I couldn't see any Vodafone branding anywhere I decided to try out an old one2one SIM from an old mobile that's become inactive. Well it worked, it told me it was inactive, rather than telling me to put a Vodafone SIM into my phone. So I tried a brand new PAYG Virgin SIM, and low and behold I see the words Virgin at the top. I've also got an O2 PAYG SIM that I'll try out sometime. Both have fairly decent numbers, but both have no credit and need money put on them to make them active so I can send lots of cheap text messages. I've recently spent quite a lot on text messages, but my line rental is so cheap that it's still pretty good value. I still think I get a better service with Vodafone, as I know a lot of people on O2 that sometimes have to wait ages for text and photo messages, and Orange tend to be a bit slow on delivery reports at peak times.
This Reminds Me
Thursday 27th October, 2005 23:26
Of Gizmo. Silly cat.
Cool Flash Animation
Thursday 27th October, 2005 09:23
Radiohead's Creep.

You just have to watch it. Or perhaps this is more your style?
Dilbert Blog
Tuesday 25th October, 2005 11:55

"If you're reading this on company time, congratulations on beating the system. If you're reading it on your own time, you really need to find a job where they pay you to do this sort of thing."
Black Eyed Peas
Wednesday 19th October, 2005 14:45
I quite like the new Black Eyed Peas album, Monkey Business, I keep getting certain tracks stuck in my head.
Thank You Drew Carey
Monday 10th October, 2005 19:44
Such a good TV show, really makes me laugh. Was watching The Simpsons earlier too, an episode I hadn't seen before (or at least remember).
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