Everything, Everything - May 2014

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Wednesday 28th May, 2014 20:06
Anyone know what's happened to http://t.co/OSHPdBoLWR? Redirects to a SourceForge page saying "TrueCrypt is not secure".
Highs And Lows
Monday 26th May, 2014 19:54
A lot has happened in just over a week. Arsenal finally won their first trophy in 9 years, after an exciting 3-2 win in the FA Cup after extra time (and going 2-0 down in the opening minutes). My favourite couple of players scored the crucial goals too. Good times.

But only a few days later I was at a local vet because Casper, my three year old cat, had been rushed there by a kind stranger following what may have been a car accident. He had suffered a very serious head trauma and by the time we saw him he was on strong painkillers (including morphine). On a positive note the rest of his body was okay. His eyes and his jaw aren't looking good though.
Saturday 17th May, 2014 18:33
My favourite couple of players scored to help @Arsenal win their first trophy in 9 years. #Koscielny #Ramsey #FACupFinal
Saturday 17th May, 2014 08:27
Received a text an hour ago from Vodafone with my PAC that expired in Feb. Luckily I already used it months ago to leave them.
Sunday 11th May, 2014 14:36
Jailbreak tweak brings true multitasking support to the iPad: http://t.co/sx0smAqG7y
Saturday 10th May, 2014 19:19
Am I really listening to a song about cheesecake?!? #EurovisionSongContest2014
Monday 5th May, 2014 10:07
Random Musings http://t.co/EB30EBfMhA
Monday 5th May, 2014 08:20
"@TheRegister: Waste your Bank Holiday with this rather odd game by Minecraft Creator 'Notch' http://t.co/WKTmuqepbK" Ending is a let down.
Random Musings
Saturday 3rd May, 2014 10:23
I regularly write replies on Twitter and save them as drafts. This is usually because it's not quite funny enough or I didn't have enough characters to say something properly. They're probably even less interesting out of context, but as I haven't written anything in a while I thought I'd share them now:

"YouTube and iTunes are just two of the brand names that were largely unknown 12 years ago" - YouTube was founded in 2005.

I recent noticed that I published an interview in 1998 with the wrong "their" that's been saved by archive.org. #firstworldproblems

Blagged my way backstage at Cheltenham racecourse in 1998 where I met @cerysmatthews and interviewed @TommyScottSpace #most90sthingieverdid

The last two may have been related ;)

If @beck had a "best of" album I probably would have bought it by now.

Deprecate and disable everything that came before TLS 1.2. Many problems solved. #nailedit
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