Everything, Everything - March 2005

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Wednesday 23rd March, 2005 00:34
Also, I have Elbow's cover of Independent Woman stuck in my head.
Tru Calling
Wednesday 23rd March, 2005 00:32
Looks like there's a DVD coming out in the UK with all the season one episodes plus the 6 episodes recorded for season two. This show was pretty good, I wish it had never been cancelled.
One Down
Thursday 10th March, 2005 23:50
I got my Friends DVD box set from HMV the other day, but they're still trying to get hold of Futurama. 101CD.com gave up a couple days ago, emailing me to say "Please accept our sincerest apologies for not being able to supply this to you on this occasion".

I'll let them off because everyone else has sold out and I wasn't expecting them to manage it in the first place. At least they (presumably) tried.
Point Pleasant
Tuesday 8th March, 2005 01:36
Not sure if I like it yet, I think I do, but I definitely like Aubrey Dollar (she plays Judy Kramer). She looks surprisingly familiar, but I don't recognise anything she's been in according to IMDB.
Monday 7th March, 2005 02:26
This film deserves the 8.1 rating it has on IMDB, I really liked it. It was written and directed by Zach Braff, who plays J.D. in Scrubs. And also has Natalie Portman looking pretty in it - a far better performance than Closer too.
Cute Blonde Girl
Saturday 5th March, 2005 21:01
I hope she delivers all my orders from Domino's in future.
Wednesday 2nd March, 2005 23:30
HMV are still struggling to get hold of Futurama for me, and I spotted 101cd.com offer the box set for even cheaper and claim to be able to get it to me (everywhere else says unavailable/withdrawn/deleted). So I put an order in. I wonder who'll get the box set to me first, at least I can cancel the order with HMV, if necessary, although I might just stick the second set on Amazon for £100 (still cheaper than the other person selling it for £170) to get some money back. And they wonder why some people pirate stuff? When a person like me wants to buy the DVD box set but can't then what am I supposed to do? Okay, so I could buy each season individually for even more money, but I like buying entire collections.

EDIT: HMV finally managed to send me a copy, so I ended up with two!
Tuesday 1st March, 2005 19:50
Item deleted - we are trying to obtain this item from alternate sources.

At this rate I might have to use eBay to get Futurama too!
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