Everything, Everything - June 2013

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Sunday 30th June, 2013 22:04
An early goal for Brazil! I was so shocked that my loud gasp disturbed my girlfriend as she tried to sleep. Oops. #ConfedsFinal
Sunday 30th June, 2013 12:25
These punctures at Silverstone should make this a less predictable race. #f1
Friday 28th June, 2013 13:00
PXE boot sucks :(
Friday 28th June, 2013 07:59
Instant coffee just doesn't cut it :(
Wednesday 26th June, 2013 19:46
Not sure that's quite what Fred had in mind. 1-0 to Brazil.
Tuesday 25th June, 2013 23:37
Is Lenny Henry enjoying a great night's sleep or is he on the verge of tears and trying to put on a brave face? http://t.co/DdKtJ7jLbR
Tuesday 25th June, 2013 23:10
Twitter, stop with the "failed to send tweet" errors and let me tweet a photo! #angry
Saturday 22nd June, 2013 20:17
Sympathy vote?!? #theVOICEukFINAL
Saturday 22nd June, 2013 19:39
Robbie sang on The Voice UK and will sing at the Etihad Stadium because they're very close together. #theVOICEukFINAL http://t.co/XOazKPipCs
Saturday 22nd June, 2013 18:19
I wish Tom Jones could have sung Get Lucky by himself. Really suited him. #theVOICEukFINAL
Friday 21st June, 2013 20:25
Windows 8 PC is stuck configuring update (forever?). I love you Windows, but things like this really piss me off (but not as much as Linux).
Wednesday 19th June, 2013 22:33
yourname@yahoo.com Can Be Yours! - By Jay Rossiter, SVP, Platforms Over the last few months, we’ve made... http://t.co/AtcylheQcY
Wednesday 19th June, 2013 16:55
Twitter API
Wednesday 19th June, 2013 15:48
It took me about a week to notice that the tweets displayed on my home page hadn't updated, due to the excellent validation and caching of data that I'd implemented. It turns out that Twitter have finally stopped supporting their original API. To be fair to them, they did announce almost a year ago that this was going to happen, and then extended the date until June 11th.

Normally a minor release would mean hardly any changes. I figured it'd be a few simple tweaks to my existing code. I was wrong.

Firstly, XML, RSS, and ATOM support has been dropped (I used XML before). They only support JSON output (luckily, PHP has decent support for JSON).

Secondly, you need to authenticate using OAuth. The entire 1.1 API requires a user context when authenticating, so an oauth_token representing an access token must be present in each request. It turns out you can log into https://dev.twitter.com/apps with your Twitter account and create an application to generate an OAuth token. Simples.

After that it wasn't difficult to use my existing code to validate and cache (and make pretty) the same information that I'd been accessing before.

For more information, the REST API v1.1 is available here. With all the changes, I would have called it v2.0.
Wednesday 19th June, 2013 08:01
Villa!?! Didn't see that coming.
Wednesday 19th June, 2013 07:55
Lost: blue Starbucks mug with sentimental value. Last seen in the office a few weeks ago. #iwantmymugback #thelittlethings
Tuesday 18th June, 2013 21:36
Just spotted that @twitter dropped API 1.0 support. My website coped fine, but have now rewritten to use v1.1. Stupid OAuth. Stupid JSON.
Tuesday 18th June, 2013 16:38
Sat in the car park waiting for someone to move their car (with four other drivers). I forgot how much I missed the office.
Monday 17th June, 2013 19:51
A Funny Montage http://t.co/zbfZ3soTzW
Sunday 16th June, 2013 17:35
Boris Johnson playing tennis? Should be a laugh, especially with that racquet. I'll be rooting for Jimmy Carr. Sounds like it'll be on BBC2.
Sunday 16th June, 2013 17:05
Always nice to see Andy Murray winning things. Will he finally win Wimbledon this year? Fingers crossed.
Sunday 16th June, 2013 11:52
Theo Walcott would have got married sooner, but these things take time. #SignDaTing
Saturday 15th June, 2013 20:03
Can't believe that @OfficiallyCleo is out of @BBCVoiceUK!
Saturday 15th June, 2013 19:46
Why is my eye so itchy!?!
Friday 7th June, 2013 20:08
Gutted that one of @iamwill's team has to go. Three strong voices there. All much better than most of the others that will get through.
Wednesday 5th June, 2013 16:14
Woman, with a small child in a pushchair, is smoking on Platform 2 at Brentford. Isn't that illegal now?
Tuesday 4th June, 2013 06:38
Just saw a guy wearing a light blue suit with a red bow tie. Bet he thinks it's cool. I blame the Doctor. Twelfth one had better be good!
Monday 3rd June, 2013 13:18
Tavis releases an exploit for EPATHOBJ vulnerability: http://t.co/GkhJS5w22Q
Sunday 2nd June, 2013 07:13
"@SundayBrunchC4: Recipes: [...] soft choc banana puds. Thanks to @simonrim and guest @JohnWhaiteBakes." < Soft choc banana puds?! :D
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