Everything, Everything - June 2004

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Monday 28th June, 2004 21:43
I think I'm suffering from hayfever! Both my eyes itch, I have sore throats, my earlobes have itched (predictive text suggests darknads for earlobes, or is it meant to be two words?), I've been terribly depressed with a lack of concentration recently, and have had a lot of trouble sleeping. Now, how do I solve it?
How Often
Monday 28th June, 2004 21:25
Does everyone else start writing emails, text messages or instant messages and then delete what you've written? I've already replaced this sentence once! I think I really need to take some time off work and decide what I want, maybe confront some people, and concentrate on what makes me happy. Starting with a nice warm bath.
Random Things
Sunday 27th June, 2004 19:41
In the film Office Space the main character says how he spaces out at work in front of the screen, and I know what he means. I caught myself just spacing out for about half an hour the other day. Still, I get to do some challenging work now, is just a shame it has to be done in ColdFusion MX. I miss PHP.

I can make it to comedy night, it's the day before what Kev told me (I have the ticket now) so I'm really looking forward to it now!

I sent Katie a lengthy email to bring her up to speed, and she sent a nice one back. Apparently her boyfriend's at Glastonbury. I think Charley was going this year too.

I've been flat hunting with Trish, one place was nice (but we're not allowed a piano) and the other place wasn't quite acceptable to me.

Was bad that England went out, I wonder how Tim Henman will do. I'm doing well at Celebdaq, I may switch my shares again, but I think I'm going to just stick with my current person. I had invested in The Queen on Friday, but her potential dividend wasn't as good as someone else (even after you take into account commission).

Off to play snooker with Kev tonight, will see how it goes as whatever is in my eye is still there. It's been playing up a bit, I may go see the doctor this week.
Sunday 27th June, 2004 19:40
She says the cutest things sometimes: "Mum, I love you more than cake, but I don't love you more than sweets"
Monday 21st June, 2004 21:39
England won! It was a very entertaining game to watch, while I ate a mountain of food (that's impressive for me). Time for a quick bath before I watch Big Brother at 10.
Sunday 20th June, 2004 03:35
Halcyon & On & On

It's the music at the end of the film, just to remind me (off the album Orbital 2). It was a good film, I enjoyed it far too much, and both Lacey Chabert and Lindsay Lohan look great in it.

I sometimes feel like I'm losing control of certain aspects of my life. I know what I want, but I can rarely achieve it, and it's frustrating. It takes me several attempts to get through a paper sift for a job (that I'm still not entirely sure I want), I'm forced to use legacy technology at work because those above me don't know any better, and the more I care about a person the less likely I am to go out with them. I want to take a step back and start again. I want to go back to the last moment I remember feeling completely comfortable and happy, but I doubt I ever can.

I remember enjoying music when I was younger, there were loads of really great moments in the 90s and even in 2000, but it's all gone downhill since then. I don't think it's my taste that has changed much, I listen to some of the same old bands and when I stumble on an old track I feel the same sense of joy. I wonder if I'll ever appreciate music again in the same way.

I should be asleep now, but I'm just not in the mood (it can't have helped that I slept almost all day Saturday). I know I'll cheer up soon, and this is just a fleeting moment of depression tonight. At least it's brought me some clarity.
The Janitor
Sunday 20th June, 2004 01:53
Yes, the actor who plays The Janitor in Scrubs (Neil Flynn) is in the film Mean Girls (he plays Chip Heron). Sure, it might be a 12A film aimed at girls, but I typically enjoy them too. I enjoyed Freaky Friday and that had Lindsay Lohan too. It also has Lacey Chabert (who did the voice of Meg in Family Guy to begin with) in it.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Saturday 19th June, 2004 02:29
She's so lovely. The casting was pretty good in Garfield, but I don't like that Liz fancies Jon - she's not at all interested in him in the cartoon strips. But it was fairly good overall. Some of the 'simple' CGI was poor, and fairly obvious in places, but it wasn't awful.
Friday 18th June, 2004 22:04
Kev has a nasty cough and I'm sure he's trying to give me a cold!
Big Brother
Friday 18th June, 2004 13:24
The last day or so has been quite exciting to watch. I hope Vanessa goes out next, although I want to get rid of Jay and Victor.

England got a good result, and I was suprised France drew with Croatia.

Got a text from Katie, was nice of her, will email her later. I think I'll use the weekend to catch up with friends.
Quote Of The Day
Wednesday 16th June, 2004 23:28
"I was going to eat more, but didn't get around to it"

I really must eat more food. Still, it's Thursday tomorrow, mum goes shopping, I'll head over and eat nice things there.

I think Big Brother's better this year, I actually enjoy watching it again, and even Michelle and Emma are growing on me.
Things That Pissed Me Off Today
Wednesday 16th June, 2004 18:34
None of my email is getting through to me. For some reason now all my daily Dilbert cartoons, job newsletters, those automatically generated from this site and Refresh (like reported posts or when I get private messages), Novatech and Aria newsletters etc. are all getting blocked. Aah, Jonathan was stopping everything and having a read through, nothing like a complete invasion of privacy! Apparently he wanted to make sure there was nothing dodgy I'd 'opted in' for as we want to make the site squeaky clean, ready for the IWF. He could have just asked me first, as all remotely dodgy emails get caught by my spam software, whether I opted in or not.

The comedy night I was hoping to go on clashes with a job interview, so I'll have to pay for the ticket, but can't even make it! Sure, it'd be better to go for a good job than have one great night out. Especially as Rebecca doesn't appear to be interested in me.

And it's too bloody hot here!

The good news? I might be moving in with Trish over the next month or two. Helen is back at work, after being off for a while with a virus or something, and Shelly appears to be chatting to me again. I'm sure there are other things, will think of them later, need to get myself an ice lolly now.
Tuesday 15th June, 2004 23:00
Looks like I could be moving in with Trish sometime in the next few weeks. We're both after somewhere else to live and can't afford to live on our own (or indeed even together, based on the price of some properties, but a few look reasonable).
Monday 14th June, 2004 01:04
ABC is expected to shelve the fourth season of Alias until midseason in order to give newcomer Desperate Housewives a higher profile launch on Sunday nights. Alias would then return in January for an uninterrupted run.

Also, Chris Sheridan has signed a two-year, seven-figure overall deal with 20th Century Fox Television for Family Guy. Under the terms of the pact, Sheridan will come aboard the animated comedy's revival as an executive producer. In addition, he'll also create, develop and executive produce his own projects at the studio. Sheridan was a writer and producer on Family Guy during its first two seasons.
Come On England
Sunday 13th June, 2004 19:28
Time to watch the match at home with my dad. Went swimming earlier with Kev, felt good. Was also a good night out yesterday. Shame I have work tomorrow.
Sunday 13th June, 2004 00:58
Am watching F1 qualifying with Jackie. Quite drunk. Rebecca was as lovely and pretty as ever tonight, I just wish she was interested in me. Her friends seemed nice, as did Jamie's friend Deb. I want to tell Rebecca she's pretty, and/or ask her out, and cuddle her. Sobering up now.
Wales And Back
Saturday 12th June, 2004 02:28
I got a call this afternoon from my mum, asking if I'd drive to Cardiff. Yes, nearly a year after the mix up with the tuxedo (resulting in my brother taking the train down to Exeter) before my Graduate Ball, my brother heads back to Cardiff for his ball, and forgets to take his tux. So I drive all the way there, then turn around and drive all the way back. Which is good, as Kev had bought tickets for Troy (as he'd left before I sent the email saying I couldn't make it) and I actually made it back in time for the 7:55 showing, after Kev switched the tickets for the later one.

What's really weird is I was explaining the route, and that you turn right when you see Dominoe's on your left, when Kev said his friend works in Dominoes in Cardiff, as she's at uni there. And last time I drove down to see Gary, he and dad went shopping, leaving me to gawk at this pretty girl behind the counter, that is probably Kev's friend. And she was going to the ball that night too. My brother asked if I wanted him to get me a ticket, but I decided I didn't fancy it. Although it was Liberty X playing, which would have been fun. Kev then sent his friend a text just after my brother sent me one telling me who was on stage. Kev's friend will be visiting next week, so I'll get to see her then and find out if she's the same girl I fancied. It's a small world.

Anyway, I made it back for Troy, and what a dissapointment that would have been, if I hadn't already realised how poor it'd be. Kev was surprised how bad it was. I think we should watch The Day After Tomorrow and see if it's any better. Shrek 2 looks fairly good though. And we have to watch Harry Potter 2 sometime. And Spiderman 2, if only for the special effects.

Happy Birthday to Kev, it's a good 2 and a half hours into his birthday now. Sounds like we'll meet up for drinks, but so many of his friends that I like are away/busy this weekend. I can't wait for my lie in until the afternoon.
Friday 11th June, 2004 01:26
It was Alison's birthday on Thursday, so loads of us met up for drinks before heading to Subtone. It was a pretty good night. I discovered that Anna who I knew through Kev was the same Anna that Maria knows. I doubt Maria will say anything she shouldn't about me (as she knows me far too well) but I was initially worried that Anna would find out I fancy Rebecca. But I might have to give up on that, she doesn't even appear interested in being friends - it could just be me reading too much into things, but she said goodbye to pretty much everyone except me.

Anna's also quite nice, not my usual 'type' but very friendly and talkative, and quite attractive. I also got the chance to talk with Jamie, as he sat by the bar chatting away until the '80s music came on next door.

Well, time for bed, need to get in to work at a reasonable hour (unlike last time). Not that there's much work to do. If only I could go online and chat with Shelly or Catherine, or perhaps help Lynne when she gets stuck at work. Lynne's busy as ever, and reckons with her two holidays and work that I can't visit her until mid August at this rate. I know it's not specifically her fault, but it does completely suck.

Still, Shelly and I are pretty close now, which is really nice, but again she's busy for the next few weeks. It's as if fate doesn't want me to be happy this weekend. Or is at least making it difficult for me.

I must not post while drunk, I think I reveal far more information than I should.
Too Hot
Monday 7th June, 2004 01:44
How an I supposed to sleep when it's so warm at night? It's especially bad because of the heat my computer makes. My brother is back home now, might drag him shopping after work, so I have some food to eat.
Friday 4th June, 2004 18:00
Better than I thought it was, but not great. Perhaps it's just version five, but at least I've started to play with user sessions and database stuff. I'll try not to be so geeky over the weekend.
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