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Thursday 31st January, 2013 20:14
Trains are stupid.
Sunday 27th January, 2013 18:51
M&S has beer on offer, so I'm about to drink @Adnams Southwold Winter IPA (AKA Innovation - http://t.co/tnyyeVYT). http://t.co/SZdWngUh
Friday 25th January, 2013 10:27
Feeling cold in the office. Now wearing my coat and holding a large mocha. If this doesn't warm me up I'll be setting fire to something.
Thursday 24th January, 2013 23:09
No explanation why, but latest version of HP ePrint now wants permission to make phone calls! App removed in protest. http://t.co/ZSNwrECB
Wednesday 23rd January, 2013 21:06
Today just gets better and better. Collected my new phone (no little SIM, but setup with WiFi); but I don't care as Arsenal are winning!!!!!
Wednesday 23rd January, 2013 08:23
Blast from the past, heard Aqualung in a London coffee shop (Coffee-Affair). Really needed a mocha this morning. When will England warm up?!
Wednesday 23rd January, 2013 06:41
CVE Option A supports up to 1 million vulns/yr. "this is effectively future-proof" (i.e. it's not really future-proof) http://t.co/u2I0WsTd
Tuesday 22nd January, 2013 18:00
Spotted the lovechild of Mark Willcox and John Davies on the tube this evening.
Monday 21st January, 2013 06:07
Ticket machine was working for a change! Even managed to catch the earlier train. Might give me time to buy a coffee at Paddington.
Sunday 20th January, 2013 14:16
Does Walcott know the offside rule?
Sunday 20th January, 2013 13:56
Jenkinson, Koscielny and Ramsey on please. Sagna, Mertesacker and Diaby don't look up to scratch today.
Sunday 20th January, 2013 13:48
What a terrible start to the game. Half of Arsenal are playing so badly.
Saturday 19th January, 2013 01:54
Chelsea v Arsenal http://t.co/8q4ViBnX
New Phone!
Saturday 19th January, 2013 00:32
It's finally been shipped by Google. But I'm working in London for a few days and will be in Oxfordshire on Thursday so I probably won't get to collect my new phone until Saturday. I also will need to head to a Vodafone shop to get a smaller SIM card as I don't think it's worth the risk cutting my current one down (even though I have the templates somewhere). So I might get to play with my new phone in just over a week. It'll be almost exactly like my current phone, except I'll be able to make outgoing calls.
Chelsea v Arsenal
Saturday 19th January, 2013 00:26
I'd quite like to try the following:

Sagna Mertesacker Vermaelen Gibbs
Diaby Coquelin
Walcott Wilshere Cazorla

I'd probably bring on Podolski to replace Cazorla, Oxlade Chamberlain to replace Giroud (playing on the right wing, allowing Theo to play as striker for a bit), then Ramsey could replace Wilshere if required (allowing him to play an attacking midfield role in the middle of the pitch for a change).

If Mertesacker or Sagna look off, I'd bring on Koscielny or Jenkinson instead of using Ramsey for our last substitution.

I bet Arsene doesn't do that though. Not long until kick off! Feeling vaguely positive for a change. A draw would do me.
Thursday 17th January, 2013 19:14
Does Dr Pepper go with Lanson White Label?
Wednesday 16th January, 2013 21:15
Man of the match: Jack Wilshere #AFC
Wednesday 16th January, 2013 07:56
"@arstechnica: LG speaks out about Nexus 4 supply chain, insists there are no issues http://t.co/VcOF1Erg" Y NO STOCK?! http://t.co/vYlIsMrV
Sunday 13th January, 2013 19:29
Cats And Internet Security http://t.co/pIWgai5F
Sunday 13th January, 2013 16:12
Great save! Gutted that Kos has been sent off so early in the game though :( Can we scrape a draw? :S
Sunday 13th January, 2013 12:57
Arsenal v Man City http://t.co/Bpa4Wfu2
Cats And Internet Security
Sunday 13th January, 2013 02:17
They've got it easy.

Instead of worrying about the large number of vulnerabilities in popular software, they just lie there.

Instead of worrying that open and closed source software are vulnerable to serious bugs, with exploit code available to the public (or highest bidder), they just lie there, occasionally yawning.

Instead of worrying about hackers and worms compromising multiple devices, they just lie there, occasionally yawning, sometimes rolling over or turning themselves around.

Instead of wondering what unknown vulnerabilities are being abused by naughty people/governments across the world, they just lie there, looking cute and totally deserving of the huge amounts of money we spend on them.

Perhaps the cats will wake up, start worrying about security, and catch some cunning mice for a change.

And maybe then I'll get some sleep.
Arsenal v Man City
Sunday 13th January, 2013 01:06
From 4PM Arsenal will attempt to extend their unbeaten league record against Man City, currently 27 games/since October 1975. With Giroud (apparently) claiming to have passed a late fitness test, we have pretty much the entire squad to choose 11 players from (to be honest, Gervinho's absence for the African Cup of Nations is a blessing).

I expect see the following formation:

Sagna Mertersacker Vermaelen Gibbs
Cazorla Arteta Wilshere
Ramsey Walcott Podolski

I'd expect the following substitutions:

Diaby on for Wilshere.
Giroud on for Theo.
Oxlade Chamberlain on for Diaby when he picks up an injury after 15 minutes ;) (okay, maybe he'll replace Ramsey).

However I'd love to see the following team:

Jenkinson Mertersacker Koscielny Gibbs
Cazorla Arteta Diaby
Walcott Giroud Podolski

This would (hopefully) provide Giroud with good service from Theo and (most likely) Gibbs. Diaby will use his height and strength to bring the ball up in midfield, as Cazorla floats around the box like a butterfly and stings like a two footed abeja (that's Spanish for bee).

I would then make the following substitutions:

Wilshere on for Diaby (when he's inevitably injured, around the 30th minute?).
Rosicky on for Cazorla (when he's run himself ragged, perhaps partly covering for Theo if he fails to play on his wing, around the 65th minute).
Oxlade Chamberlain on for Giroud, playing on the right wing, allowing Theo to move into the CF position (as his pace might be more effective against a tired Man City defence by then, perhaps around the 70th minute depending on injury time). Alternately, if Podolski looks tired, we could bring him off and let Theo and Ox play left/right wing, swapping sides to keep Man City on their toes.

This won't happen because Sagna is Arsene's first choice (despite making mistakes, although there are mitigating circumstances - I'm looking at you Theo), because Vermaelen is the captain and you must have the captain (when fit) in the big games (especially if "the interweb" is correct that our vice captain might not play - much like Theo's contract, I'll only believe it if/when I see proof). I also think he'll choose Wilshere over Diaby because of Jack's form (and only start Diaby if necessary). I suspect Giroud will stay on the bench because of his knee injury, coming on as a "super sub" to score goals like he did against Newcastle. This also gives Theo another chance up front, which might convince him to sign a bit sooner (even though Arsene claims that isn't the sticking point).

Of course, if Arteta doesn't start, who knows what will happen (I would hope that forces Diaby to start, but I doubt it). I'm not sure Coquelin is ready to start such an important position in such an important game given his lack of starts so far this season. Basically, we're still lacking a world class defensive midfielder. Arteta's not bad, but he's being played out of position.

On an unrelated note, I'd love to see Gnabry and Eisfeld get some action in the first team (but not beginning with Man City). Jenkinson improved dramatically when he was asked to regularly play right back, earning himself a place in the England squad in the process, and I think the experience would help Gnabry and Eisfeld get where they need to be (and perhaps give us some decent depth to the first team). Both look like they have great potential, and could challenge other players (e.g. Ramsey, Diaby) for a regular place in the team in years to come.
Saturday 12th January, 2013 12:16
Watched @jimmycarr last night in Reading. Due to incompetent colleagues @Spiderish missed a very funny 1st half :( http://t.co/AiVhtc0n
RHEL 6.4 Includes Hyper-V Drivers
Tuesday 8th January, 2013 17:48
Not sure how I missed this at the end of last year, but RHEL 6.4 will finally include support for Hyper-V drivers out of the box. Hopefully this will prevent the problems I've seen where the Linux Integration Services seem to get out of sync with updated kernels (without having to tell yum to ignore kernel updates). I hope RHEL 6.4 is released soon (and Centos continue to keep their releases within 3 weeks of RHEL).
Five Inch Phones
Monday 7th January, 2013 10:40
ZTE's Grand S and Oppo's Find 5 sound like interesting phones; however, I think they'll fail because they're (probably) not going to be running stock Android, and I imagine the battery life will be poor. It probably won't help that people won't (at least initially) trust the brand very much.

Hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer for my LG Nexus 4 to arrive. It's not quite 5", and doesn't support 1080p, but it's close enough to what I'd like. I do think that a 5" phone is the right size for a proper touchscreen smartphone; anything smaller is simply a phone without a keypad/keyboard.
Sunday 6th January, 2013 15:08
Koscielny assist, Podolski scores! Can we make this 2-1?!
Thursday 3rd January, 2013 20:00
"mistakenly issued two intermediate CA certificates to organizations [instead of] regular SSL certificates" WTF?!? http://t.co/0u2hffyn
Thursday 3rd January, 2013 19:51
Never heard of most of the trusted CAs that issued bad certificates, they usually take over a year to realise their mistake. Trust no one?
Tuesday 1st January, 2013 18:07
Jenkinson and Giroud on, Sagna and Theo off please.
Tuesday 1st January, 2013 17:27
Enjoying a strong and tasty bottle of @Adnams Broadside as I watch Arsenal on TV. COYG! http://t.co/KzvlOZXm
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