Everything, Everything - April 2011

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White iPhone
Wednesday 27th April, 2011 14:07
The white iPhone is finally here! Well, it's here tomorrow, but it's announced, it's official, it's close enough. Why did it take so long to arrive? According to their marketing chief, Phil Schiller:

We appreciate everyone who has waited patiently while we've worked to get every detail right

How hard is it to take an iPhone and use white instead of black plastic? The only thing I can think of is additional testing to check that the white parts don't turn a cream/yellow/beige colour (or, even worse, a mixture of different colours), but given that previous iPhones also came in white (just on the back, admittedly), it couldn't have been that challenging. Right?
Wednesday 20th April, 2011 17:11
There's a video on the BBC News website regarding dazzling car headlights. The concern is that "some road-users claim they are often dazzled by the lights, making pedestrians and cyclists difficult to see". Do you know what can also make cyclists difficult to see? When they don't have any lights. If you skip to 1:55 in the video, the first - responsible - cyclist has a bright yellow jacket and decent lights (and a helmet). He's then followed by another cyclist without lights (or a helmet). Perhaps accidents can be avoided if both sides play their part?
Thursday 14th April, 2011 13:38
I've avoided Windows Phone 7 because I've read that it doesn't allow third party applications to have proper internet access, they can only use HTTP, which prevents things like Remote Desktop and SSH clients from working. I'd love for Microsoft to release a client with NLA support so I can remote into my home PC from my phone. Although I still haven't heard of such clients, the main stumbling block will apparently be removed in September:

Mango, expected in September, will feature TCP/IP sockets for devs building conversational applications like chat and IM.

As much as I like my Symbian based phone, there are some annoying quirks. Perhaps my next upgrade will be to a Microsoft based phone, especially if they port IE9 to Windows Phone 7, as they claim they will with Mango.

EDIT: Apparently they'll drop the "7" with Mango and simply be Windows Phone.
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