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Info Sender 1.2 (Updated)
Tuesday 6th March, 2007 22:24 Comments: 0
Based on Luke's Info Sender Winamp plugin (okay, so all I've done so far is add a very simple bit of error handling around the internet connection and compiled it with a newer version of Visual C++), This basically does exactly what Luke's 1.1 plugin does, except my version won't crash Winamp when you lose your internet connection (or you're working offline). Not bad considering I don't actually know C++. But I can program in several other languages, which helps.

This post is really for my benefit so I can easily access my install file, I hope to update it soon with a newer version that fixes the other bugs (I'm assuming I really have fixed the failed internet connection problem, it appears to have worked, but I haven't really tested it properly), such as proper URL encoding of data (as I gather it doesn't handle & very well, for example). I'll probably call my next version 1.2 too :P sorry! Another (French?) guy has apparently done all of this already, but his server was hacked last month before I noticed he'd made the plugin available, and it still isn't back up and running. It sounds like he's added a bunch of additional (and unnecessary?) features too, which is making it a lot like the other plugins I've seen. I think he might have called his Info Sender 1.2 as well. Feel free to use his once he's back up and running. The radio track list and album picture data certainly sounds interesting.

EDIT: I've updated the code, it now does URL encoding (in a slightly ugly way that might not be 100% reliable) of the song, and I've renamed the files to gen_infosender, and the source code should now be complete (I've edited and compiled it using Visual Studio.NET).

gen_infosender.exe (setup file)
gen_infosender.zip (source code)

EDIT: It appears that I've sorted the bug where it'd send the song twice - I fixed it by switching the code around so it stores the current title as the previous title before performing the GET request. That seems to have fixed it, as I think there was a race condition.
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