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What a great save by Martinez! #COYG
125 days, 2 hours, 17 minutes ago
I've been nominated for the @CRESTadvocate Penetration Testing Focus Group sub-committee and would really appreciate CREST member companies voting for me. https://t.co/LGKWGC6MBi #Electioneering
278 days, 3 hours, 50 minutes ago
This sums up why I rarely listen to music released after 2009. I suspect my Spotify "Top Songs 2019" playlist will be full of old songs (just like my 2017 and 2018 playlists were). https://t.co/DDxbClXAMN
375 days, 13 hours, 7 minutes ago
Arsenal Head Coach
Tuesday 17th December, 2019 17:52
Back in September I said I didn't expect Emery to be fired during this season, but I also didn't expect to see such a shambolic display since then. After the Watford match, where we scraped a draw, the results have been dismal, losing to Sheffield United, drawing with Crystal Palace, Wolves, Vitoria, losing to Leicester, drawing with Southampton, then losing to Frankfurt.

With Freddie as interim coach in charge of a broken team we initially managed a draw against Norwich and lost to Brighton. After one of the worst runs in Arsenal's history we're starting to look better, as we beat West Ham away with a comfortable scoreline of 3-1, and after going 2 goals down we managed to scrape a draw against Standard Liege. But then we lost to Manchester City. The gulf in class was enormous, and there's no way we're genuinely challenging for the Premier League title. We will be incredibly lucky to scrape a Champions League spot. We may be lucky to make Europa League at this rate.

We also don't have much money to spend, having spent a massive chunk of it already on Pepe (who I hope wasn't a waste of money) plus we're paying Emery (plus his staff) for the rest of the year. The rumour is Mikel Arteta is about to be announced as the new head coach. While he isn't the Pep or Klopp I would have liked at Arsenal a few years ago, I'm hoping he's as good as Pep suggests. He's one hell of a gamble, and probably comes without much of a backroom team. But that might be a good thing if it allows Freddie (who hasn't done that badly) to stay on with the club. Two well-liked Arsenal players could be a great decision. It might also be our only option, with all of the other good (and some very bad) alternatives already tied into expensive contracts elsewhere.

Aside from when we face the top teams, it is nice to watch Arsenal play football again. Even if it is only for 20-30 minutes each match.
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